Beauty is in the air.


Introducing the Heron 5 Headphone Amplifier 2018-04-26T09:10:48+00:00

Beautiful Engineering

Beauty starts from within. Heron 5 deploys discrete circuits for amplification and power, synchronized for extended bandwidth from DC to 30 MHz. The signal path is low-loss, designed without coupling capacitors or a DC servo standing in its way. And an added soft-start circuit protects your headphones, just in case.

Power Without Compromise

Heron 5’s power transformer is rated for over five times the power it draws and the discrete voltage regulation is a hundred times more responsive than chip-based circuits. The custom-made toroidal transformer is wound on a laser-scribed core for precision power transfer. Holding it all together is the specially designed aluminum chassis, which never gets too hot. Heron 5 makes power cool again.

Exceptional Sound

Heron 5 brings out the emotion in your music. Stealth shielding technology shuts out electromagnetic interference and reveals the smallest details. The custom stepped attenuator and matched resistors deliver precise volume control. And the excellent phase response delivers pure, clear sound. You’ve never heard anything like it.


“The amp’s ability to set the stage is remarkable. Rock solid and defined, though not to the detriment of overall coherence.”
— Head-fi user dmhenley
Phoenix, AZ

“The Heron 5 is a special amp. It has wonderful transparency, tight natural bass that digs as deep as your headphones will go, treble that is smooth and natural without any touches of harshness, flawless imaging, and a tell-me-no-lies injectable truth serum quality that still manages to be forgiving as it is revealing.”
— Head-fi user glassmonkey
Southampton, UK

“The build quality is the best I have seen.”
— Eric Ming
New York, NY

“This amp isn’t a half-measure, but an end game device to have… Plain and simple. Airist Audio’s first device is musical above anything else; rich, smooth and coherent, which makes it very enjoyable to listen to… This is what it’s all about — it doesn’t get much simpler than this. Heron 5 is a rare case of an amplifier made for people like me, madmen with a no-compromise attitude towards headphones.”
— Dawid Grzyb
Warsaw, Poland

“The soundstage, separation, and feeling of air in the music was a cut above. It was an incredibly involving feeling… The Heron is an incredible value.”
— Head-fi user faisal2003456
Southern California

“The Heron 5 sounds great. The amplifier sounds quite effortless… Thank you Airist Audio.”
— Head-fi user psonoda